Reviews About Us

I travel often – but I don’t often write reviews about the services I use along the way. I have used Black Star three times in the last three weeks. Each time, the driver paid close attention to driving (not making phone calls or sending text messages), was courteous and polite to other drivers on the road, and was polite and cordial to my wife and me. The cars have been spotless and the drivers have been organized and have arrived either on time or a few minutes early. I am in the service industry, and I know how hard it is to do it right every time. I’m looking forward to my next ride.” – HB


"My mom was so excited! She said you and the driver were so very kind to her and she enjoyed every moment. She arrived at her party at the perfect time. I have used quite a few limo services and hands down I think this was one of the most pleasant experiences ever. My son is getting married in a few months and Black Star is my limo company of choice. Again, thank you so much for helping make my mom’s 80th birthday memorable!” – A. Major, Callaway Golf