Terms and Conditions

Airport Pick-Up Policy: For all curbside pick-ups, upon arrival please go directly to the baggage claim area and retrieve your luggage, after you have received your luggage please contact your driver and tell them what green zone letter you are near.
There is no charge for the first 15mins of wait time, thereafter wait time will be billed at 60.00 per hour or part there of,. If contact is not made with the driver or our office one hour after the flight lands, then a no show fee of the full rate will be applied.
To avoid a no-show fee please do not leave the airport before calling the office for assistance. The number is: (619) 204-0543. Cancellation Policy: Local transfers (San Diego). Three hours notice within our business hours prior to your pickup time for a full refund. After Hours Policy: There will be $15 charge for pick-ups between11.00pm-04:30am.